About us

Global quality, global trust

Palatine represents global quality and global trust. Because we make every effort to strengthen product quality and improve environmental performance. At the same time, our deep and collaborative culture of cooperation guarantees the highest standards of production quality at all levels. The high-standard Chinese production base is in no way compatible with European and American manufacturing. In order to ensure the global consumer's trust in the Palatine brand, Palatine's manufacturing standards adopt EU standards. From scientific factory layout planning, first-class production lines to stringent quality control, there is no difference with EU products. Therefore, Palatine exports products in any country in the world with the same standards as the EU. The product is also of exceptional quality. International high-end equipment manufacturing standard Palatine's Chinese production base guarantees strict quality requirements. The purpose of first-class production equipment is to present the best quality stone-plastic flooring to different customers around the world.

1. The products produced in the same batch and in different batches ensure a high degree of continuity. Each batch produced at Palatine is documented in a classified manner and undergoes rigorous monitoring procedures. This is why we have always maintained the high quality of ISO9001.

2. The products of different production bases guarantee the high degree of identity. No matter which factory in Palatine in China is manufactured, we maintain high quality production thanks to the thorough and in-depth training we provide to each employee and our experience in the stone-plastic flooring manufacturing system. The use of standardized procedures.

3. High standard raw materials. Our high quality flooring comes from the help of carefully selected materials such as the low-altitude raw materials we have been using and the firm's paint system. To continue to carry forward these is one of the fundamental guarantees for the development of our quality.

4. High-standard production process of non-toxic and harmless raw materials. We have always pledged to implement the strict pollution-free production regulations of Palatine for many years. And we also agree with the environment through the following aspects:

1) Chemical materials without heavy metals;

2) Production methods that are compatible with the environment;

3) Waste treatment equipment;

4) Annual ecological and energy testing.

5, the professional technology of the product. We are familiar with the expertise and technology of many end products. We offer a wide range of products and services at every end stage, which allows us to achieve greater market success and deliver innovative and reliable products to our customers.

6. Production operation efficiency. We have the highest level of productivity, operational flexibility and timeliness throughout the industry, thanks to three decisive factors:

1) Well-trained and motivated employees;

2) Unparalleled production equipment;

3) Standardized production process capable of ensuring high quality production.

7. Global unified and strict quality inspection process All factories in Palatini implement a unified quality inspection process. Adopting test standards far higher than the national standard, and referring to the actual use environment in China. Strict quality control is set in many aspects such as raw materials, on-line processes and finished products. Implement a quality inspection process that is fully consistent with the EU manufacturing. Palatine's laboratory has full-featured inspection capabilities, and new product development requires the approval of the most rigorous environmental testing in the laboratory to ensure that each floor meets global demand standards.

8. Palatine's fashion home improvement style design concept aims to realize the dream of home decoration for customers from all over the world. The Palatine brand is committed to creating a leading brand of PVC flooring. We are committed to serving you with the philosophy of cherishing every customer.