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International Teaching Jobs: Why China is the Hottest Market
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International Teaching Jobs:

Why China is the Hottest Market


International teaching jobs have recently become very popular because many countries are trying to fill their local demand for teachers by importing teachers from other countries. Teaching English abroad is the largest market with the most opportunities for teachers. There are several countries providing opportunities to teach internationally; however, China is by far the hottest market for international teaching jobs.

Considerations When Teaching Abroad

There are several things to consider when looking for international teaching jobs. One of the most important things to consider is living expenses. This is important to consider in preventing difficulties in a foreign country. If your salary does not sufficiently cover your expenses, then this will be a reason to forego the opportunity.

Another important consideration is the lifestyle you would be able to live in the foreign country. Every country operates differently, and the environment, culture and people are factors that will affect your lifestyle.

Your ability to travel also requires special consideration, because this is a major perk to moving abroad. Will you be able to travel among cities and explore for a greater experience? You must also consider traveling expenses as it is more affordable to travel in some countries than others.

The requirements needed to get the will also impact the decision. Some teaching programs have more requirements than other. Some require no experience only the appropriate degree. Others will require special certification.

When assessing what program to choose, teachers must ensure that they make the best decision. Their choice of program and destination will affect the entire experience. Careful thought and planning go into the process of choosing the best country to teach abroad. It is important to gather as much information as possible about the available opportunities and do some personal research. Some individuals even consult with an advisor.

An Overview of the Top Markets for International Teaching Jobs

There are several countries that are recruiting teachers internationally. Among the top recruiters are China, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Costa Rica. The need for teachers in these markets is being fueled by a few factors. Expansion of their local economies is on such factor. With growth comes opportunities and to take advantage of opportunities citizens of these countries will require English. This is because English is a required language in the global market place.

There is a very high demand for teachers in China due to is fast growing economy. It has also earned its place as a top recruiter by providing great compensation packages for international teaching jobs. Packages often include free housing or a housing allowance that is included with the salary, as well as free airfare to China. Further, there is no teaching experience necessary for many jobs in China, meaning that more people are qualified for these jobs.

The other countries have good programs going as well, such as Japan and South Korean. Both boast high salaries, but the experience required for these jobs may be higher and the overall cost of living is higher as well. However, Taiwan is known to have decent salaries and a lower cost of living. Some middle Eastern countries also offer highly competitive packages for international teachers; however, qualification standards are typically much higher.

Why China is the Top Market for International Teaching Jobs

China’s growing population is causing an increasing demand for ESL English teachers and other certified teachers. With the largest economy in the world, China is the fastest growing market for teachers, this makes China’s ESL job market the largest and most attractive. There are teaching opportunities in both rural and urban areas. However, urban areas provide the greater opportunities.

Perks of Teaching in China

There are many benefits to teaching in China, in particular, the lifestyle. Since the cost of living in China is cheaper relative to teacher salaries in China, many international teachers can enjoy a good quality of life and even be able to afford a number of luxuries that they may not have been afforded back in their home country.

Another major perk is being able to travel around China, and to nearby countries in Asia. Traveling is quite affordable in China and the region and there are many popular destinations where teachers wish to explore. Holiday time off from teaching, such as Chinese New Year, enable many teachers in China to enjoy their time off to travel & explore!

The opportunity to teach in foreign country provide valuable work experience, even for those from non-teaching backgrounds. This is an opportunity for teachers to challenge themselves and improve their work and life skills. Teachers must find new and innovative ways to reach students, while dealing with cultural and language differences. This requires communication skills and good interpersonal skills. The demands of being in a new environment, requires teachers to grow and develop personally as well in their daily lives.

Requirements to Teach in China

If you are interested in teaching in China, a University degree and TEFL certification are required. Most schools do not require working experience, and you don't need to have a degree in teaching! This makes it easier for college graduates who studied various subjects to find a good job in China.

This is one reason why China's ESL job market is expanding so rapidly. Many college students are able to break into the job market after graduation and earn a good salary while gaining work experience and valuable life skills.

Finding International Teaching Jobs in China

The International job market provides opportunities for all involved; it provides much needed jobs and fills the educational gaps in the market. This breaks down international barriers, making the world one huge economy. While many countries hire international teachers for ESL jobs, the greatest demand for International teachers comes from China, the world’s largest economy.

The China ESL job market is exploding with job opportunities, and the barrier of entry is low to applicants. Combined with the competitive salaries and low cost of living, China is ranked the best country to teach abroad. It presents great opportunities for teachers to earn and save and also experience China’s rich cultural diversity, and it's a wonderful opportunity for young college graduates looking to enter the workforce.

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